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Kelly has facilitated hundreds of talks for audiences of all ages within a wide spectrum of topics.

As a dynamic and entertaining presenter, she can tailor a workshop to meet a group’s particular needs and time-constraints to train students, faculty or staff in schools, colleges, corporate and other workplace settings. The following is a small list of topics she can cover, but please contact her to discuss any additional topics not listed. 

Bullying and Bystander Intervention

Creating LGBTQ Safe Spaces

Acquaintance Rape and Sexual Assault

Greyed Expectations

Self-Care and Stress Management

Nutrition and Healthy Eating

Power and Privilege

Hate Crimes


Sexually Transmitted Infections

BDSM and Kink Culture

Fellatio 101

Goal-Setting and Leadership Development

Sexual Harassment


Communication and Consent

It’s Just a Joke: And Other Things Said in Defense of ‘Isms

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The other night---the very same night that I forgot my keys and locked myself out of my apartment and my building, in the cold, with my dog---I happened to be wearing my good coat. Honestly, I’d say it’s the best coat that I have. At least, it’s the best coat that I...

Higher and Higher

I submitted this piece to the San Marcos Daily Record last week for their submission deadline, hoping to get into the Sunday paper because today is the Anniversary of Rusty Windle's death. I thought that maybe they were saving it to run tomorrow--the second...

I Bled on my Pink Sheets Today

I bled on my pink sheets today The pink ones from Ross Or was it Marshall's? They are a very pretty, pretty shade of pink-- Not blush, not bashful Not rose or mauve Not cotton candy Nor carnation They are the perfect, perfect pink for my bed But now they are red...

Dear Spectrum,

Dear Spectrum, I absolutely love the feature you offer through your app that allows me to turn off Wi-Fi access for my boys' devices. It's Magic! Right now, my teenage children are standing together, conversing, and laughing as they work as a team to wash all the...

I should tell you, I should tell you

This is a review that no one asked me to write, but I'm pretty sure that almost no one is writing any reviews about the San Marcos High School production of RENT: School Edition. I'm just here to help. I should tell you, I should tell you: It may have been one of the...