DID YOU EVEN NOTICE THAT I MISSED LAST WEEK? I didn’t write a blog at all, and no one noticed or said anything if they did notice. I failed in my first month of my New Year’s Resolution to write my blog each week. I failed on the first day of the lunar new year. And NO ONE CARED!

*please start posting validation comments right now*

Maybe I should just quit. You know, give up. Stop doing the thing. But, the thing is. I didn’t decide that I was going to write my blogs for you. I decided to write them for me. I need to create. I need to write. I need to produce content. Okay, I may have slipped up last weekend by abandoning my own self-regulated deadlines and responsibilities, but I still checked a lot of things off my list!

I mean, yeah, there were also a few things that I didn’t check off the list.


So what?
I can’t win ’em all, you know.

Last weekend, we welcomed the year of the FIRE RED CHICKEN, and we spent Sunday celebrating Chinese New Year and eating food and playing with friends and hiking and enjoying the amazing weather, and I don’t feel bad at all about missing my blog.

Now the dishes…


I really need to get those done.

Like stat.

I’ll do them after I finish this blog. I’m getting stuff done today dagnabit. Today’s list consists of:

  • Clean Apartment
  • Dishes
  • Laundry
  • Call mom
  • Write blog
  • Grade assignments
  • Read Student blogs
  • Kid’s bday party prep
  • Groceries and meal planning
  • Play outside
  • Paint wall mounts for decapitated stuffed animals
  • Decapitate stuffed animals
  • Mount heads
  • Enter recent period info into app on phone
  • Confirm radio show guests for the week
  • Confirm parking permits for panelists for sex class
  • Edit lecture slides for tomorrow
  • Sunday Paper
  • Watch SNL clips from last night
  • Coordinate guest lists for FIST competition
  • Plant dying kale plants
  • Reorder more business cards
  • Go see my niece after her emergency jaw surgery in ATX
  • Rent
  • Utilities
  • Pick up straws and baby food for niece’s hospital gift basket

Clearly, the semester is in full-fledged fire swamp mode, and I’m falling quickly into the quicksand. I wish I had an assistant or more time or more money or maybe a dishwasher, but sitting here wishing for more things on a blog post hidden in a corner of the internet ain’t gonna get crap checked off my lists.

Look, I did this blog. It may not be the best one I’ve done so far, but the point is, I got it done. Right? Next Sunday, I’m hosting a Pancake Potion Picnic Party in honor of my son’s 8th birthday, and I can’t wait to tell y’all all about it.

Until then…Imma consider this blog checked off the above list. I got way more stuffs to do today.

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