NOTE: This was a rewrite of the “Weed Always Remember” post because my editor was highly offended about the bible paper smoking.

This week has been a cosmically crazy week. We had the lunar eclipse, which was also a special “bloodmoon” that brought forth feelings of excitement and optimism about new beginnings. At least, this is how I felt about the bloodmoon. I had a conversation with a friend that night on the phone as we basked in the red glow of the sun and the moon seemingly joined together, and we talked about blood. I remembered the words of Anita Diamant in her book, The Red Tent, and how she celebrated that all life requires blood. It was almost as though the eclipse was like New Year’s Eve, and the next day, we could all start anew.

But then, I realized another crazy thing. We were all celebrating Easter on April 20th. For those of you that don’t know, 4/20 is a day of celebration of marijuana and cannabis as well. In the same week that the moon and sun overlapped, we have another day that Christians and Pagans and Marijuana Enthusiasts also overlapped. It’s kind of cosmically awesome when you think about it.

Quick background:

Easter = celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ

Spring Equinox = celebration of fertility (i.e. bunnies and eggs and chicks)
4/20 = The police code for marijuana activity…hence the date (or time) at which pot smokers engage in recreation activities

ALL OF THIS IS OVERLAPPING!!!!! Like a friggin’ eclipse!

It’s all so cosmic. Everything overlaps and interconnects.

Happy Bloodmoon. Happy Spring Equinox. Happy Easter. Happy 4/20. Let’s all work together!

Kelly Stone is a sexual health educator and college lecturer who likes to think of her stand-up comedy as “edutainment”. She began performing in 2006 at an open mic in Philadelphia and has been hooked on comedy ever since. She hosts the monthly Hot Mess Comedy Show at Bar 141 in San Marcos, speaks to various universities on many different topics, watches Project Runway, and is still trying to figure out how to keep her boys from smearing Greek yogurt on the furniture.

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