There’s so much behind that phrase–puttin’ it out there–that I got to thinking about all the meanings behind it.
Most people, I think will usually conjure a mental image of a sexually liberated/slutty person or someone showing a lot of skin or whatever. They’re really “putting it out there”, aren’t they? Or, they might think of an oversharing emotional person. They just put it out there when they offer up their feelings. Or, you know, good vibes. People are all about trying to put some positivity out into the universe so that they can receive positive energy back from the universe. Also, in dating. When people are getting back into the game after whatever reason has kept them out of it, they decide to just start putting it out there to seek love or sex or companionship or whatever it is they’re seeking. Or like a secret. You could put that out there.
You see what I mean? So many meanings.
I got to thinking about it because of how I feel about goal-setting. I believe that something very helpful toward achieving your goals is to put it out there. Tell people. It holds you accountable. You run into people months, maybe years later. They’re people you told that you were gonna do X, and they remember that about you and ask. Because you told them about your goals, people are asking you about them. It holds you more accountable. Well, that’s how I feel about it anyway.
So, that’s what I did tonight. I put it out there. Along with Jessica Soukup ( She found this opportunity, and we decided to put it out there. We created a team submission for a #podcreator incubator training program to foster underrepresented voices in the podcast landscape. It seems too good to be true, so that’s why I’m afraid to really put it out there (and suffer embarrassment), but I would never get anywhere if I were always afraid of that.
The deadline was 11:59 pm, and we submitted at 11:48 pm. Who the frick knows, but we tried. And that’s the first step. If you guys want to put it out there, we’ll take all the positive energy we can get. Ask us in a couple of weeks if we got accepted into the training program. It could change our lives! And that could help us change others. I’m tired now. It’s late. I did something. Whatever that is. Fingers crossed. I’m coming after you, 2019. You’re gonna be my year. Just puttin that out there.