I snap chatted a video of San Martians jumping up and down, synchronously waving their arms, and uproariously shouting “I love rock n roll” facilitated by The Spazmatics. That video of this energetic amoeba-like crowd was my second favorite snap chat I’ve ever sent. (First place goes to the one where my boys were dancing in their undies while singing Call Me maybe.)

It was an amazing experience to be a part of New Wave jam session in my cool little community. San Marcos rocked out on Thursday night, and it was the best celebration of the Spring equinox ever. Who knew that the 80’s and 90’s could be such a unifying force for folks in 2014?

I enjoyed watching the awed faces of children who stared with wide eyes as every single adult at City Park bellowed out lyrics to songs these kids had never heard. I compulsively jumped up and down to the beat, and I didn’t care what anyone thought about my spasticness. I mean…it was a Spazmatics concert after all. I jumped and jumped and jumped, and then my body said to me, “Hey, remember those two kids you passed out of your body at home? Maybe you should go pee now before I embarrass you in front of the whole town.”

Fortunately, I didn’t wet myself on the dance floor. I learned my lesson from that time I was in New York City, and I kept dancing to Kris Kross’s “Jump”. #TMI #motherhood Let’s just say, that having babies destroys a woman’s body, and it requires me to do modified jumping jacks in aerobics classes. *sigh*

I’m truly grateful for all of the hard work that the city put in to the Spring Concert Series. The free snacks and ice cream pops were wonderful. The trash art contest was super cool. I really loved being able to have my mommy juice (booze) with me without fear of being cited, and I genuinely enjoyed seeing all of the smiling happy faces of the diverse population we have here in San Marvelous. Come join me for more fun next Thursday.

Kelly Stone is a sexual health educator and college lecturer who likes to think of her stand-up comedy as “edutainment”. She began performing in 2006 at an open mic in Philadelphia and has been hooked on comedy ever since. She hosts the monthly Hot Mess Comedy Show at Bar 141 in San Marcos, speaks to various universities on many different topics, watches Project Runway, and is still trying to figure out how to keep her boys from smearing Greek yogurt on the furniture.

Follow her on twitter: @funnykelly or help stop her kids when they are trying to run across a busy street. There’s safety in numbers.

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